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Awarded Invisalign-Certified Gold Provider

✩Cosmetic Dentistry 

•Teeth Whitening 

•Aesthetic Composite Restoration 



•Instant Orthodontics 


✩Restorative Dentistry 

•Composite Bonding/White Fillings 

•Inlays & Onlays 



***Awarded Invisalign-Certified Gold Provider*** 

•Invisalign Comprehensive / Full

•Invisalign Moderate

•Invisalign Lite 

•Invisalign Express / i7 


•Ceramic Braces 





✩Prosthetic Dentistry 

•Zirconium Crowns 

•Porcelain Crowns 

•Porcelain fused to metal Crowns 

•Ceramage Crowns 


•Cerec CAD/CAM





•Internal Tooth Whitening 

•Microscopic Dentistry 



•Deep Scaling & Root Planing 

•Subgingival Curettage 


•Flap Surgery 

•Bone Grafts 

•Guided Tissue Regeneration 

•Ridge Augmentation 

•Laser Diode Treatment 


✩Oral Surgery 

•Tooth Extraction 


Diode Laser Gingivectomy

✩Pediatric Dentistry 

•Fluoride Application 

•Pit & Fissure Sealants 



✩Dental Implants 


✩TMD Treatment with Physical Therapy 

•Occlusal Equilibration 

•Polychromatic Infrared Therapy 


✩Gummy Smile Make Over 


✩Preventive Dentistry 


✩Take-home Dental Care

Laser Diode Dental Treatment at #YSAbgc

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