Am I a candidate for Invisalign?




During your first visit, we will conduct a thorough examination.  This examination includes necessary x-rays, photographs and models of your teeth.  In most instances, we will determine your dental needs and then discuss the suggested treatment with you.


We primarily need to discuss with you your INVISALIGN DIAGNOSTIC PACKAGE (all available in our clinic in the same day):

1. Panoramic X-ray

2. Cephalometric X-ray & Analysis

3. Dental Photographs

4. PVS Impression & Bite

*These are all available in our clinic for your convenience.


Also, we do need to combine all of the above to formulate a treatment plan through:


6. Personalized CLINCHECK


When is comes to INVISALIGN, this is a more intensive discussion since having this type of treatment entails a certain treatment time. There are some diagnostic parameters needed to assess tooth to bone to profile. 


A comprehensive discussion could be done on the next appointment (which could be the next day).  After proper diagnosis, a Clincheck will be sent by Invisalign (which takes about 3-5 weeks of processing) which is a three-dimensional personalized model of several views of your teeth where we can view your treatment from start to finish (*Your treatment time/duration will be assessed by Invisalign). 


Clincheck is a very exciting way to view your teeth from the facial to the side to the back view where we can rotate the image to explore every angle. If we have both approved the Clincheck, it would take about a month for the package to arrive.


With the 3D Clincheck, we can also customize the view of the type of treatment whether it's being done by extraction or non-extraction. So even before starting your orthodontic treatment, you can already view what it would look like depending on our instructions. 


Invisalign usually suggests Interproximal Reductions or IPR instead of extraction. IPR takes out a very small amount of enamel on one or several teeth to gain space instead of extraction one or more teeth. Do not worry about sensitivity since enamel will still be covering your teeth.


We are listed in the VIP website of Invisalign at since our clinic handles Invisalign cases in the Philippines.